Maya B. Klein, Ph.D

Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Thank you for visiting my site. I am a psychologist licensed in the states of Oregon and California. I provide psychotherapy and psychoanalysis with adults, adolescents, and children at my office in the Northwest neighborhood of Portland. I am also available for video therapy. I provide help for a wide range of challenges to include anxiety, depression, abuse and other trauma, shame and self-esteem, stage of life transitions, and relationship difficulties. The invaluable work of moving through these difficulties in the safety of a trusted therapeutic relationship can result in a stronger sense of self esteem, improved relationships, and a revitalized capacity to work and love.

In addition to working with adults, I also specialize in the treatment of children and adolescents. I offer a unique and comprehensive therapeutic experience, so that you or your child can experience a sense of emotional freedom and feel less encumbered by events of the past. To learn more about my practice, and the process of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy please feel free to explore my website orcontact me for more information about scheduling a consultation.

About Me

  • Psychologist: OR 2901, CA 26592
  • Offering Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, Psychological Testing
  • Certificate in Adult Psychoanalysis
  • Training in Child Psychoanalysis
  • Dual Ph.D., Clinical and Industrial Organizational Psychology
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My Services


Psychotherapy as I practice it, is a deeply personal relationship between you, the patient, and myself, the therapist. We will utilize our relationship as a lens through which to bring your internal world into sharper focus.

To this end, you will be encouraged to talk as openly as possible about your thoughts, feelings, and concerns, especially as they arise between us. I will participate in the process with you as you journey toward a place of increased compassion, self-understanding, and healing. 

Treatment for children and adolescents is based on similar principles as adults but is modified for the developmental level of the child, with the goal of helping each child or adolescent locate their full potential and develop ways of coping with life’s challenges.

I also offer psychological testing on case by case basis only. Psychological testing and assessment can identify a wide range of issues including the presence of learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders and/or emotional sensitivities.