Psychological Testing and Assessment

I offer comprehensive and targeted assessments for a full range of psychological, psychoeducational, and selected neuropsychological evaluations for personal, legal, occupational, rehabilitative, and educational purposes. Evaluations are tailored to meet your individual needs. Testing and assessment can identify a wide range of issues including the presence of learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, and/or emotional sensitivities. Each assessment utilizes quantitative and qualitative measures resulting in a thorough evaluation with relevant recommendations and referrals for treatment. 

A psychological evaluation is used to diagnose a broad spectrum of emotional, behavioral, and general mental health conditions. Though the areas involved in testing depend on the referral question generally, psychological testing provides information about cognitive abilities, social/emotional traits, personality and coping. The results of psychological testing can reveal or clarify mental health diagnoses, assist in differential diagnosis, identify weaknesses and strengths in particular areas, establish a baseline to evaluate therapeutic interventions, and assist in treatment planning.