Writing Corner

Psychoanalysis has historically taken on an insular existence, limited to the consulting room and the institutes of training. There were many reasons for this insularity, one of the most recent being divisions among theories of psychoanalysis. These divisions drove a wedge within the discipline of psychoanalysis, where warring factions laid objective claims on best practices and best ways of understanding the human condition. I believe the tides began to shift and converge as psychoanalysis found, or rather articulated, a marriage with philosophy.

Theories of psychoanalysis can enrich society’s understanding of the fundamental nature of knowledge, existence, and reality. The aim of psychoanalysis is not to discover an objective truth about reality or existence but to establish coherence with another person about things that were previously not understandable or incoherent. In this way, we can extend psychoanalytic principles far beyond the consulting room. We can use these principles to make sense of the condition of being human, in all of its layers of complexity.

This corner of my website is an effort to make the unsayable, sayable; to speak about psychoanalysis, to share its’ writings, its’ revery, and to allow access behind the curtain – discover that there is no Wizard. There is however person who can immerse themselves in the “Lifeworld of the patient.” And it is often through peering closely into less well-lit corners, that we find light. I hope you find some here.